Favorite Era In Music : Does It Actually Exist ?

I must agree that’s an interesting subject to talk about. But I wish to keep it short, and not kinda make it long enough to bore you ๐Ÿ™‚ And when I took up this topic to write about, I must say that I wish to look at it from my own personal perspective. So, let’s delve in.

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Do I Have A Favorite Era In Music ?

I doubt it and doesn’t agree with it at all. Even though I belong to an era which is somewhat in between the ancient and the future, my music taste doesn’t remain confined within any particular time frame or any boundaries as such. I have been listening and exploring the world of music since the early 80’s. But my music taste has slowly evolved with time. And time never stops. Rather time takes everything along with it, making everything memorable and embracing what is new with open arms.

I remember belonging to the times when cassette recorders were the in thing with music lovers including me. And much of my pocket money used to get spent on buying old and new albums from some of my favorite cassette shops in the New Market area in Calcutta. Those days definitely were the golden days of music, no doubt. But I beg to disagree with many of my compatriots that music has actually died with times.

Music has been good, in fact great, for me. even when we moved onto compact discs from cassettes, great music started to get made all over the world. And naturally, then my pocket money started to vanish much faster due to the much expensive medium of music in the market :):).

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Through the 80’s, 90’s and the present, my music has evolved from long playing records, cassette players, compact discs and now, the digital form of music, streaming across multiple platforms. I strongly feel and have always said that music is fast evolving. If some of the greatest hits were made in the early 70’s and 80’s, similarly great and quality music are now being churned out too from the 90’s and onward. I enjoy listening present days’ music as much as I enjoyed listening to music from the early days.

So, in no uncertain terms I will finish by saying that I love music in it’s totality, it’s wholesomeness, it’s magical way to keep my senses energized and flowing, giving me the impetus to go through life with renewed vigor. And such music for me is universally my favorite, all the eras. Would love to hear your views, your favorite eras, and whether you really have any particular favorite era ? Do send in your comments so that we can have a lovely chat about it ๐Ÿ™‚

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18 thoughts on “Favorite Era In Music : Does It Actually Exist ?

    1. Absolutely there is. Classical music is the base and foundation of music of all types and genres, that we come across. It’s that we must respect that people have different music choices and enjoy listening them. Thanks for reading.


    1. Absolutely my kind of journey :). I was still listening to Pet Shop Boys today on my way home from office, and maybe I will listen to London Grammar in the night……music’s always evolving and changing……and we are growing with it.


    1. Yes Varsh, yesteryear was indeed the golden era of music. But if we keep our ears open and really look for it, beautiful music is made these days too. I am experiencing it almost every day. I am an avid music lover and try to keep in touch with the past and the present. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I never had a favorite era per se. As a child, I never was introduced to Western music so it was more regional tastes. My main love is bollywood in the 90s but that said…I love anything that is melodious and catches my fancy. I can only say I hate rap and “remakes”. Great post.

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