Am I Too Weak, Being Soft Spoken And Introvert ?

I know I am talking too much about me in my posts these days, and that generally goes against my nature, being somewhat an introvert of sorts. But, that side of me has raised this question in my mind quite often, that, am I too weak in today’s world, being soft spoken and introvert? 🙂 Let’s ponder.

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Even if I talk about me, I am sure many of you will share my feelings and thoughts on this one. By nature I am not a very loud person. I generally keep to myself, talk softly most of the times, and love to keep myself busy in various things that engage me. Even if some may say I am an introvert, I can say I am very much social and love my seclusion as well as company. I don’t mind any.

But, if I look at my life starting from the school days till now, I cannot ignore the feeling that I have slowly received from many others, that, my introvert nature is a sign of weakness.

And that has led me to question those who think like that, why ?


Just because I don’t fight with anybody generally and usually no matter what, am I weak ? Just because I am not a very aggressive arguing type, am I weak ? Because I have not even hit a fly in my life till now [ and I will never], any body else is completely out of the question, is that a sign of being too soft ? Since I love to talk nicely with everyone, smile at them and be friendly to them, does that mean I don’t have control on my life ? Just because I stay away from unnecessary trouble with anyone or anything, does that make me too weak ? Since I allow people to realize their own mistakes and faults when they err me in some way or the other, does that mean I don’t have the courage to face life ? Because I am a teetotaler, does that mean I don’t belong to today’s world ?

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On the contrary, without blaming anyone, I wish to state that my soft spoken persona is my strength. My dealing with people makes me stronger. I am strict and tough whenever and wherever necessary, without being abusive and obnoxious. I love the music I listen to, and that defines me. I have always tried to keep people first, and me second, and that has not put me in a hole, rather that has earned me the respect and friendship and love of many. A man’s tears are not signs of weakness, rather they make the man stronger, to love and live the life.

And That’s Me 🙂 Copyright Is Mine 🙂

This post might again be of a different perspective, but the words come true from my heart. I have always enjoyed life and will continue to do so, and time to time I will connect with you all, through these words, introvert or not :). Let me know what you feel and whether some of you have similar feelings like mine. Let’s share them. Till the next one, stay safe and healthy, enjoy life.

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16 thoughts on “Am I Too Weak, Being Soft Spoken And Introvert ?

    1. You’ve figured out who you are and you’re happy with that. In today’s world that’s the biggest win. Agressiveness doesn’t equal strength. Staying calm and composed, is. Enjoyed reading the post.

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  1. prasannaraghck

    I don’t consider a person aggressive or being boisterous in a reaction as brave or capable but the opposite. And being calm is either a sign of weakness, however, people have different perceptions about others.

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  2. Pretty much agree with you. Most of the traits resonate with me too and I’ve been called submissive and weak. My subconscious made me tweak my personality to a little aggressive when I moved to a big city from the suburbs. Survival instinct, it was. But it helped me a bit better to cope with the world. I hope you cope in your own way.

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    1. I can understand and feel your words. Yes, I do cope in my own way :). Situations and circumstances do play a big role to change us to adapt better……and it’s always great to have people who understand you in your life….

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