Spellings, Typography, Grammar, Language | Are These Essential In Blog Writing ?

What prompted me to write this one is clicking a blog post recently, and upon going through the post in it’s entirety, I wondered how come some of us bloggers really don’t give much though to keep the spellings, typography, grammar and language coherent and accurate, so that our efforts don’t fade away somewhat.

I will try to keep this short. 🙂 And once again, like my earlier post on book reviews, I will make it quite clear that, my intention is not to disrespect and hurt any fellow blogger. But I wish to talk about something which is quite real and close to my heart.

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Being a product of English medium schooling, I had developed an affinity towards the English language from a very early age. During my childhood days, my mother used to teach me English, and she was quite strict in trying to make me perfect in the writing and composition segment, with specific stress on keeping the words and sentences perfect and meaningful. And trust me, I had grown exactly in the same way in all these years, to make me aware of my mistakes and rectifying them, so that I can write well and without mistakes. That’s why I get a bit disheartened and sometimes angry if I see mindless mistakes by writers in their writing.

And that said, when I see these days, some bloggers and writers don’t even bother to check and re check what they write, it pains me. While some of them are talented writers, and they can easily express and explain to the readers what are they trying to say, but many of them fail

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Reading and writing are inseparable siblings, partners or passionate bedfellows. But, few mistakes here and there in the words, sentences, can turn this partnership into a painful separation.

Particularly, in an era of so many helpful resources right at everyone’s disposal, sometimes a carelessly written blog post, article or any other piece of writing can raise serious eyebrows, when the writers become so much nonchalant and ignorant of the intelligence of their readers. My honest request to everyone including me, will be, please let us have a check and if possible a second or third recheck of what we are writing. If we do that, then we can rectify many unwanted, ignorant or any other mistakes due to lack of knowledge, and can make our creations free of clutter and perfect in expressions.

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Hoping many of you will agree with me on this one. Please do let me know what you feel regarding this, and what kind of advise you can give to all fellow bloggers and writers in keeping their writings clean and beautiful. Also if you find any improvements which I could have done in this post, do let me know in the comments section below :). Till next time, stay safe and healthy.

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28 thoughts on “Spellings, Typography, Grammar, Language | Are These Essential In Blog Writing ?

  1. I do agree that a certain standard should be maintained. I would also like to add to your list, the needless use of words which are repulsive in nature and presumably used for shock value, especially when describing oneself.

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  2. This seemed like an interesting title and so I landed here. There can be several arguments in this case. While I myself am extremely particular about what I put out there, I don’t bother much with little errors in what I read as long as the content is good. Language is ever evolving and English for one is not our mother tongue. I wouldn’t mind giving that leverage to bloggers as long as it’s totally hocus pocus. But of course one should be continuously working towards improving one’s craft.

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  3. What are the odds that I just had a mild tiff with hubby dear regarding a grammar correction he made after reading a recent post of mine! Anyway, I must confess that I myself am not very mindful about my spellings and grammar in my blog posts. So since I am getting this message from the universe, I am going to be more careful from now on with the grammar.

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  4. I know that mistakes are bound to happen but we should try to maintain a basic standard while writing the posts. We should make sure that atleast the grammar is right because not doing so can easily turn away readers from the content. Trying to improve is the key.

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  5. Bad english and spelling mistakes irk me and can sometimes put me off totally – especially bad grammar (maybe typos not so much). So I myself am always sure to give a check and even after I publish I go through it once to do a review of these things. I think we should always be mindful.

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  6. Anagha Yatin

    One of the tools that I found useful in the context of this post is Grammarly. It’s a useful tool and does the job of reading the text as you write and recommend the changes apart from indicating the spelling or punctuation mistakes.
    A good thought should never be lost at the hands of poor proofreading.

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  7. Quite an interesting post.
    I use Grammarly and even Hemingway (sometimes) and give about three or more reads. However, even then the pesky typos slip past, and sometimes even the grammar might not be perfect. There are quite a few reasons for this. Usually, this happens when I am in a rush, or if I am too tired, or I just want the post to be done and over with. Another reason is also that I am not a “trained” writer, I write for the joy of it and because I find it easier to express my emotions through written words rather than speech. This means I depend a little more on these apps than a regular writer would.
    Your post makes a valid point, proofreading and meticulousness are required. But then being humans means we are fallible too.
    P.S. If you ever come across any typo/mistake on my blog please do not hesitate it pointing it (privately of course). I am sure it will be of great help in my journey

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    1. Thanks for reading this one……:)….I haven’t found any such instance in any of your posts that I have read….but I have seen many such slips in other blogs I have come across from time to time……..yes, we must spend some minimum time in doing a recheck of what we are publishing under our name…….


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