What If All The Men Vanish From This World ?

When this thought suddenly came to my mind this morning, I was left wondering. Just imagine, one fine morning you wake up from your sleep, and you make this startling discovery, that all the men in the world including your own, have vanished and disappeared from this world !! 🙂 Just like some chilling science fiction movie. What will you do then ? Let’s ponder a bit. 🙂

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If that really happens, won’t it be the best thing that to happen in your world ? 🙂 All the problems, the troubles, the pain will stop. There will be no one left to blame. The world will no longer be so called “dominated” by menfolk any more. Will the world really be a free world then ? By some magic wand, your world will be free of all evil, all the wicked ones, all the creepy pips, all the habitual miscreants and universal offenders. If all the men, of all ages, just simply vanish from the face of this Earth, will your world finally come to an eternal peace ? 🙂 Just imagine such a scenario.

Source : Unsplash

Maybe this post of mine will draw much flack :). You can blame me for trying to sensationalize, or you can blame me for becoming too melodramatic or just plain stupid. :):) But, you know, this feeling was coming to me from a long time now, but the thought of penning this down came suddenly today, this Sunday morning. Write up after write up, post after post, article after article, discussion after discussion, it becomes too easy to just put the entire blame on men and turn them into the biggest evil ever to trample on this Earth. So, what if, they are not there at all ? Will our society become the most apt, perfect, pure, gentle, faultless, crime less, peaceful one that we have always hoped for ? I am sure it will. Don’t you ? !!

Will those hands that hold you when you cry be missed ? Will those shoulders that you can rest your heads upon be missed ? Will those long hours spent on a daily basis in sweat and blood to fulfill yours and the entire family’s needs year after year be worthy of your little acknowledgement ? Will those Sunday movie trips be remembered ? Will those hands that hold you when your newborn sees the first light of this world be held tight ? And several other times when you fail to notice what pain the man goes through silently for various reasons he can’t share, will you really care ??

The world will always be full of evil and good. While some will give you pain, others will take away the same pain. Can we really build a society on mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual love, taking up mutual responsibilities, mutual understanding ? Because if we cannot, if we always hide ourselves behind the excuses of blaming the other, then we must rather have a world without men of all ages. I really shudder at such an event happening :)!!

I am all for #MutualLove #MutualRespect #MutualTrust #MutualUnderstandning. What about you ? Can we try ? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I hope that we can have long deliberations on this one :). Till the next time, stay safe and healthy.

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22 thoughts on “What If All The Men Vanish From This World ?

  1. This would be a very dreadful idea if all men disappear. Men and women are both the Purush & Prakriti and their co-existence is vital for the world to go on, for life to go forward. The silent support that we receive from the father figures, brothers, or partners makes life a beautiful and protected phase. The world would certainly be a beautiful place if everyone understood & practised equality in true sense.

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    1. Yes Chinmoyee, you are very right :)……but when the blame becomes universally one sided because of a few rotten apples, we must try to hold the society together instead of breaking it up in the name of gender inequality……..:)


  2. The world is not split into good people and men. There are exemplary men all around, its just a few who bring shame to the name and its true for women as well. For the world to be a good ecosystem we need both and that’s the way it should be, in my opinion.

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    1. The universe functions optimally based on balance. Positive and negative, Yin and Yan and so on. Its important to focus on the equilibrium. Man without woman and woman without man is of no value. Its best not to be too negative or biased on a specific notion about gender.

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      1. Quite true Ginia…….when all that we hear is a totally biased view against men, that raises eyebrows…….a society must grow up on mutual trust, faith, love and understanding……blaming only men will not solve any problem……I know some of the readers have understood what I am trying to say here 🙂


    1. Yes Anagha, you are so very right……that’s exactly should be the key……rather than blaming one particular gender at every drop of a hat……not all men are monsters 🙂


  3. So refreshing to read this honest piece.
    It is not about the gender, it is about the qualities and values people from a gender have, which work towards creating a bias towards them. No, we wouldn’t want all men to disappear, maybe just a few 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mayuri…..:)….As I always believe, that, every story has two sides as every coin has two faces……we must build a society on love and understanding and faith. There will always be a rotten few on both sides…..nothing can be one sided…..


    1. Yes, the mindset has to change universally for everyone. We must not blame each other when many things can be solved much sensibly. Comments or no comments, I think those who have read my post have felt what I have tried to convey here……that there is always both sides to a story…..:)…..nothing in this world happens random, everything is cause and effect and cause again….

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  4. Anindya, not all men are bad. The problems of this world will not be sorted by the disappearance of either men or women because both exist to complement each other. And thank god! for that. 😊

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  5. seethlakshmi

    I can totally understand where this stems from. The typicality in stereotyping everything has led to many such stupidities (not just in gender, but in religion, colour, nation, etc.) labelling even the right ones under the wrong umbrella.
    I’m certainly not in for a world without men. It’s only in diversity when rooted in respect that we can find harmony and happiness.
    Well articulated post, Anindya.

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    1. Thanks Seethlakshmi for liking this one……yes, you are quite right in interpreting what I was trying to say here…….every story has both sides……nothing is random in this world……


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