My Diary Entry Dated 20.08.2021 | The Blogging Rest

Yes, you are right. It is indeed a blogging rest for me as I embark on another of my diary entries, where as some of you might know already, that I love to rant about little things that shape up my days as I go through the mundane routine of daily life 🙂 And since I have been writing quite regularly in the first half of this month, much because I participated in the Blogchatter campaign, it’s kind of a blogging rest for me now that the campaign has come to an end. 🙂

So, what’s up everyone ? How are you coping with your lives currently ? :). I have been writing blogs quite regularly these days. Even though, as you may have read in my last diary entry that I have started a new position in a new firm, writing blogs will always find a very prominent place in my routine. I love to write and through that I communicate with you all. Some of my posts may not cut ice with many of you, but ain’t that’s the fun of writing ? :):) I bet you will agree with me.

The last few days have been difficult since we all have been seeing and watching and trying to comprehend that even in this modern era, how can a bunch of terrorists take over an entire country !!! I am finding it very difficult to come to terms with these recent happenings in a country not very far from our very own home, India. I am deeply wounded and concerned, angry and disappointed at these strange but expected turn of events. My heart is with all the innocent civilians and common people who are exposed to the brunt of this situation. May better days come soon for all of them, and for all of us.

While going to office on a daily basis these last few days, I have started riding an application based commuting option called Cityrider. Those of you who live in Calcutta might have heard about it and many of you might have been already availing it. It is basically the Uber service in Bus coaches. Air conditioned coaches of Cityrider offer android app based seat booking as you can travel in various destinations of your choice and arrive quite smoothly and timely. I have been coming home in such coaches from my office quite regularly these days 🙂

Last few days I have discovered new music. Much of my discoveries happen from browsing and trying out different suggestions on the streaming services. I use You Tube Music Premium for all my music these days along with Spotify, and that gives me quite a range of choices to enjoy music from. I will be sharing with you the music I have been listening lately in a separate post. But all I can say, that these new discoveries are keeping my headsets on for a longer duration :):).

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

Love has eluded me generally. Even though it has tried to engage me in bits and pieces, but my world has given me more pain than other things. So you can easily imagine when I say that my heart and soul yearns for love in it’s truest sense, I think you will know what I mean :). The yearning has increased many folds these last few weeks, I don’t know why 🙂 But, you can’t really control your senses sometimes, can you ? 🙂

Otherwise, my last few days have been routine and uneventful. But my music, my reading, my movie and tv series watching, my daily commute, the office, and all the people around me, are keeping me busy and lonely at the same time 🙂 Let me know what you are up to these last few days. Any event worth mentioning in your lives ? Do keep your comments flowing, and we can chat and share our days 🙂 Till next time, stay safe and healthy.

12 thoughts on “My Diary Entry Dated 20.08.2021 | The Blogging Rest

  1. We are all recuperating after the half marathon! Thanks for the helpful info on CityRider. Also finding love is majorly dependent on destiny. If you believe in it. When the time is right, it happens, but you have to have an open mind and a open heart.

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  2. It was so refreshing to read your blog, took me back a decade! (in a good way)
    These days blogging has become so commercial and to read someone write so personally was really a welcome change.

    I miss reading simple blogs which actually connects me to a person

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    1. Thanks Pooja for stopping by. It’s the best thing about personal blogs that you can express yourself and tell your own little stories freely and without any boundaries of niches. And that’s what I enjoy the most 🙂

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  3. It’s terrible to see what’s happening in Afghanistan and the rest of the world will feel the repercussions soon. Instability in India’s neighborhood is a cause for concern.

    Glad to hear that you’re enjoying work and life. Just like you’ve decided to blog regularly, I’ve decided to visit blogs daily and engage. 🙂

    Once you have recovered from Blogchatter Half Marathon, you might want to check out My Friend Alexa. It sounds like a big challenge. Last date to register is Sep 4.

    I have never participated before but Blogchatter veterans talk about it with fondness.

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