Do You Love Sleeping While Travelling ?

Just like most of the last few days, today I was able to catch the 6-46 pm shuttle coach from my office back home. While the coach was mostly full, my booked seat was on the aisle. While I was settling down on my designated seat, I caught the very familiar sound of snoring quite close to me :):) As I tried to move my head in order to find out the source of it, I found it was coming from my next seat fellow traveler on the window side. She was into her deepest slumber and was merrily snoring 🙂 Quite oblivious to her surroundings in an almost full shuttle coach, she and her snoring got me thinking. And I thought I must ask you all, do you really love sleeping on your commutes and travels ? 🙂

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Source : Gify

Somehow, I have mixed feelings whenever I found some of my fellow travelers are merrily slumbering into “La La Land” even in crowded vehicles during commuting. Do some of us are sleeping so very less in home, that we immediately go into deep sleep as soon as the vehicles start moving ? I must say, it really baffles me at times.

And things take much more serious turn, if you start snoring in crowded vehicles. Because when you do that, you become quite ignorant of your surroundings :):) Question is, do you really enjoy doing that ? Or is it just a blatant disregard for any human connection that we may find or we can make in our daily commutes ? Trust me, even in my most tiresome office days, I can never just shut my eyes and go into dreamland in my daily commutes. I always feel that is not very good manners, to put it more bluntly 🙂

Photo by Shane on Unsplash

Sleeping is one of the best exercises that de stress our bodies and maintains our body clock in a healthier way. And having a good proper sleep of some uninterrupted hours is a vital necessity. But, in our busy lifestyle, many of us are subjecting ourselves into sleep deprivation, and denying ourselves some good hours of solid sleep. As a result, we are falling asleep on trains, buses, cars and any other commute that we usually take. And sometimes, we start sleeping in office too 🙂

I couldn’t possibly convey my feelings to my fellow traveler for her sleeping and snoring all the way till I reached my destination, but I really wonder whether she might have any inkling of what she must be doing on that bus, or whether she felt herself to be the possessor of such sheer power of going into deep sleep even in a packed bus ? :)!!

I will leave that to your good judgement. :):). Do let me know how many of such encounters you might be having on your daily commute. And what you really feel about it. 🙂

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