Life Goes On In It’s Usual Way : Some Scribbles

Those of you who are familiar with my blog, will know, that sometimes I just become silent in my writing endeavours, even though life goes on it’s usual way πŸ™‚ It doesn’t mean that I have lost interest or something. But sometimes, some of us just retreats in a self made cocoon and like to stay happy in that.

I have been writing my diary in this blog of mine for quite some time now. This post will not be an exception to that. Diary writing gives us the freedom to scribble about anything and everything. And that’s what I am more comfortable doing πŸ™‚

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I have been writing quite a high number of posts lately till some weeks back, which is generally quite contrary to my writing schedule. This was primarily due to the various blogging campaigns I was participating in certain blogging platforms. Even though I really enjoy participating in these little challenging assignments, but personally and generally I am a slow goer when it comes to writing in my blog. I love the slow and steady pace :):)

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Yes, love your life, so they say. And I believe it whole heartedly. Some days can lift you up, some days can bring you down, some days can leave you indifferent, while some can spellbind you, but there’s no other option than to love your life as long as you are breathing.

Ok, so, Imagine Dragons has come up with their new album Mercury Act 1. And this one’s like every other Dragons album has been on my playlist. Even under heavy criticism being too much mainstream, the band maintains their unique sound, and that’s quite reassuring for fans πŸ™‚ I do love almost all of their albums, without any prejudice. They make good sound, and can lift up your spirits in minutes. Let’s hear one of their new offerings. I hope you might have already heard this one πŸ™‚

Days are going on as usual for me. Busy week from Monday to Saturday being workdays, not getting much time to sit down with my writing. This post has been in the making through out this week :). Today is Sunday the 19th that I am still writing this one. So you can easily imagine. But, determined to complete this one today.

It has been raining quite regularly since these last two weeks in bits and pieces, and sometimes in gushing torrents. There have been back to back depressions in the Bay Of Bengal that is leading to these long spells of cloudy weather with rains. Hearing that this will continue through this week.

Music, movies, web series, and many things else are keeping me sane in these insane days :):). Tell me, how are things going on with you ? What’s keeping your days busy these days ? Let’s chat in the comments section below or feel free to connect with me through the contacts page. Till next time, stay safe and healthy.

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