About Myself

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Pexels.com

So, you are already here. Here’s a warm welcome to you from my own cosy world. Let’s have a little straight forward introduction so that we get to know each other a little better. Shall we ?

Born and brought up in the city of Kolkata in India, I had been a Banker for many years. I have traveled in many parts of the country and have gained long and significant experiences in dealing with life and my surroundings. Along the way I have always developed my keen sense and love for music, books, movies and many other things. Quite recently a few years back I felt the urge to transform my thoughts, musings and talk about them in written form for the world to see and share. And that’s where this blog came into force.

The blog had gone through many phases, from WordPress to self hosted and now again back to WordPress, many wonderful other bloggers have always supported this blog and now I am quite happy to have you as a part of this happy family.

Feel free to connect and send your love in any way you can.

9 thoughts on “About Myself

    1. Hi Ashwini….so good to hear from you…..this is actually an old blog of mine which I started writing long back……I have had to temporarily stop writing my new blog….how are you doing? 😊

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