Some Songs I Have Been Listening This Week

It’s been already a week now that the little bit of chill in the air has almost gone as we have entered this third week of February in this part of India where I am from. The sun is getting warmer, the air is getting longer. And the afternoons are getting longer and lazier. 🙂

I had talked about the pandemic in my last post which you can easily check here. Even the world has gone a great bit haywire in these last 11 months and more, one thing for me has never lost it’s place from my daily routine. That’s the music I generally listen to. And trust me, the list goes on increasing in a never ending way 🙂

This week I have been listening to the music of Hannah Georgas, a Canadian pop rock artist who has already started to make her mark with her thoughtful songwriting and catchy tunes, with a flawless beautiful voice.

Picture Credit Google

Here’s one song from her new album which came out called All That Emotion. The song is a beautiful one called That Emotion.

That emotion by Hannah Georgas

Isn’t that a lovely one ? I am sure you all have loved it. So, here’s another lovely song from that same album, called Just A Phase. Yes, don’t we all go through those from time to time ?

Just A Phase by Hannah Georgas

These days the latest music streaming platform has been You Tube Music Premium, and all existing Google Music subscribers have been migrated to this new platform. So, I have been quite a regular on it for some time now and have made some playlists for myself to play and listen to. Here’s one such playlist I am sharing with you all here. Enjoy the songs if you want and take them with you.:)

Till next time, enjoy yourself, stay safe and healthy 🙂

Further, I have a music group which I manage in Facebook. For all you music lovers, I welcome to join the group and share your favorite music and also enjoy the music that’s been played there. Do Click Here to Join. And also let me know what music you have been listening to these days. If you are not listening to anything, then at least let me know what are you up to these days. 🙂

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